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ELLTEK 1.8m Low Storage System (ELTKFS008)
ELLTEK 1.8m Low Storage System (ELTKFS008)
ELLTEK 1.8m Low Storage System (ELTKFS008)
ELLTEK 1.8m Low Storage System (ELTKFS008)
ELLTEK 1.8m Low Storage System (ELTKFS008)
ELLTEK 1.8m Low Storage System (ELTKFS008)
ELLTEK 1.8m Low Storage System (ELTKFS008)
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Developed as a reliable and durable solution in industrial environments, ELTKFS008 combines corporate needs in a functional design with effective features.
ELTKFS008 is ready to take part in all your projects in assembly, maintenance, service, production and R&D lines, with its durable body, modules that have proven themselves under heavy conditions, and rich accessory and colour options.
With its completely renewed eye-catching and different design, advanced technical features and durable structure, ELTKFS008 has become one of the most preferred cabinets in industrial applications in a short time.
Rough Powder Coating Against Impact and Scratches
Phosphating is applied before painting for high paint durability. Grainy powder paint is used to provide the highest resistance against impacts and scratches.
Stylish and Durable Steel Body
Our cabins, which are made of steel construction from a combination of DKP, HRP and stainless sheet materials with very good corrosion resistance, are manufactured to serve for years in heavy industrial environments under all kinds of difficult conditions.
There are galvanized shelves in the cabinets that can be adjusted by the user, and there are M12 ball joint adjustment screws under the shelves.
Ergonomic and Safe Workspace
It has been designed in a way that emphasizes the user experience and meets the requirements of ergonomics and safety, such as access to materials in the work area, lighting.
High Durability and Security Together
 All drawers and doors are lockable. Telescopic rails are used in the drawers where heavy materials will be stored and the durability of the drawers has been increased.
Optionally, metal separator channels with adjustable width can be added to the inside of the drawers.
2 Year Warranty
A 2-year manufacturer's warranty and spare parts support is provided for all products we manufacture.

Dimensions: H1273mm x W1860mm x D530mm

Weight: 153kg

Worktop Space: W1240mm x D550mm

LED Lighting Kit: Not required