Individual Models

Individual Models

Workshop Storage Proline Range

Welcome to our new Proline range - a simplistic approach to workshop storage with basic, reliable, top quality steel, perfect for any industrial setting

Available in RAL 9005, our 6 base modules and 2 upper modules allow you to create a variety of desired configurations to suit any projects from workplace to personal environments



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Single Door Base Cabinet (PRO-009)Single Door Base Cabinet (PRO-009)
Single Door Base Cabinet (PRO-009) Sale price£329.00 GBP
7 Drawer Base Cabinet (PRO-006)7 Drawer Base Cabinet (PRO-006)
7 Drawer Base Cabinet (PRO-006) Sale price£489.00 GBP
160cm Upright Support Bar (PRO-111)
Corner Base Cabinet (PRO-005)Corner Base Cabinet (PRO-005)
Corner Base Cabinet (PRO-005) Sale price£359.00 GBP
5 Drawer Base Cabinet (PRO-004)5 Drawer Base Cabinet (PRO-004)
5 Drawer Base Cabinet (PRO-004) Sale price£389.00 GBP
Perforated Panel Standard (PRO-117)Perforated Panel Standard (PRO-117)
75cm Corner Wooden Surface (PRO-113)
1 Door Wall Cabinet (PRO-012)1 Door Wall Cabinet (PRO-012)
1 Door Wall Cabinet (PRO-012) Sale price£180.00 GBP
LED Light Bar & Bulb 62cm (PRO-118)LED Light Bar & Bulb 62cm (PRO-118)
Stainless Steel Surface (PRO-114)
Stainless Steel Surface (PRO-114) Sale priceFrom £140.00 GBP
1 Door Tall Standing (PRO-010)1 Door Tall Standing (PRO-010)
1 Door Tall Standing (PRO-010) Sale price£469.00 GBP
LED Light Bar & Bulb 186cm (PRO-120)LED Light Bar & Bulb 186cm (PRO-120)
Waste Bin (PRO-002)Waste Bin (PRO-002)
Waste Bin (PRO-002) Sale price£349.00 GBP
Upper Connection (PRO-116)
Upper Connection (PRO-116) Sale price£20.00 GBP
Corner Wall Cabinet (PRO-013)Corner Wall Cabinet (PRO-013)
Corner Wall Cabinet (PRO-013) Sale price£249.00 GBP
5 Drawer Trolley (PRO-007)5 Drawer Trolley (PRO-007)
5 Drawer Trolley (PRO-007) Sale price£399.00 GBP
Oak Wood Surface (PRO-115)Oak Wood Surface (PRO-115)
Oak Wood Surface (PRO-115) Sale priceFrom £140.00 GBP
Corner Perforated Panel (PRO-116)Corner Perforated Panel (PRO-116)
Corner Perforated Panel (PRO-116) Sale price£99.00 GBP
160cm Corner Upright (PRO-112)
160cm Corner Upright (PRO-112) Sale price£25.00 GBP
7 Drawer Double Base Cabinet (PRO-045)7 Drawer Double Base Cabinet (PRO-045)
LED Light Bar & Bulb 124cm (PRO-119)LED Light Bar & Bulb 124cm (PRO-119)