Complete Configurations

Modular Garage System
At Elltek, we supply a range of high-quality modular garage systems, giving you the perfect combination of workbench space and storage capacity in a selection of attractive finish options. Regardless of the size of your garage or workshop, we have a modular storage system for you.

Our modular garage storage options can be tailored to your needs, so you can build the perfect workspace for your garage or workshop, whether it’s
commercial or at home.

Durable and Sustainable

Say goodbye to throw-away culture. Our products are built to last, and with an Elltek modular garage system, you’re investing in the future of your workspace.
Our cabinets are made of tough, corrosion-resistant steel, phosphated for durability, and then coated in grainy powder paint for high impact resistance.

Secured Storage

All of our garage modular storage options include locks to keep your tools and other valuables safe from would-be thieves, whether that’s home burglars or just your nosy workmates ‘borrowing’ another tool you’ll never see again.

FAQs: Your Questions, Answered
Still not sure? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions and you might find the answer.
Am I able to change the design of my layout?

Yes, absolutely. All of our modular garage storage options are completely customisable and can be tailored to suit any requirement, whether it’s building
your dream home garage or decking out your new commercial workshop.

How do I choose different colours?

You can choose solid colours on each product page, but if you’d like a varied colour scheme, you can completely tailor the appearance of your modular
garage system using our 3D configurator.

Does it come flat pack?

No, we deliver all of our modular storage systems pre-assembled and ready to install and use, so no confusing instructions, missing parts, or wasted afternoons.

Do your models have adjustable feet?

Yes. All of our modular garage systems have feet that are adjustable within a
tolerance of +/- 5cm, allowing you to get yours set up exactly how you need it,
based on user height and floor levelling.

Can I get a delivery quicker than the estimated lead time?

If we have the relevant stock, we may be able to expedite your order if needed,
but we can advise about this at the time of purchase.